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REST Float Solutions

Float. Relax. Repeat.


522 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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What Do We Offer?

Flotation Therapy

Hot Asana Yoga

As Low As


Flotation Therapy is proven to have amazing benefits for the mind, body and soul. We have a variety of clients from all different walks of life who come together to REST and REVIVE.

Experience Floating for yourself


Hot Asana Yoga

 We are proud to be partnered with Hot Asana Yoga here in Colorado Springs which offers a variety of amazing and healthy yoga classes through our combined studio. 

Flotation Therapy

Flotation Therapy is a pioneer within the alternative health & wellness communities. Offering complete sensory deprivation and a meditative experience like no other, Flotation therapy tends to have an amazing impact on the mind, body and soul.


The staff is amazing! The building is great, but the anti-gravity chairs and the soak are out of this world fantastic!! A wonderful experience from start to end! My body thanked me when I was done! Highly recommend it!!”

Brenda Martinez

I had always wanted to try a float tank experience and my expectations were met and beyond! Such a great experience 
I highly recommend it ๐Ÿ’œ”

Robin Mckinney Tapp

Studio Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Sunday 10am to 8pm


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