It’s your first time floating? Fantastic!

We are thrilled to have you floating with us here at R.E.S.T.!

Floating is one of the simplest things you can do…you just need to show up ready to relax. Once you are checked in, we will show you to our pre-float room where you will experience a relaxing session in the Serenity Plus Recliner. Combining a zero-gravity position with jade stones that radiate far-infrared heat into muscle tissues and the full-body Serenity Wave Therapy technology, this relaxation chair allows for a more efficient and effective transition for your float.

Once you have become fully relaxed in “The Perfect Chair” you will be escorted to your private float room and changing area with showers. We do ask you shower before entering and upon exiting our float tanks. This helps to not disturb the pH in the tank and to keep our facility clean and up to par for your next visit.


Relax. Recover. Reset.

After your shower and when you are ready to enter the tank, slowly and carefully lower yourself into the tank. Once inside, lay back and feel yourself float effortlessly on a bed of Epsom salt solution and enjoy 90 minutes of complete serenity and calm.

Five minutes before the end of your 90-minute float, we will slowly turn music on letting you know your float is coming to an end. When you have finished your float, enjoy our spa showers and the after effects of your float. Once you have returned to the lounge area we invite you to stay as long as you wish and bask in the post-float glow. Some floaters can’t wait to share their experiences after a float, and others just want to veg with some hot tea. Whatever floats your boat! We encourage you to write or draw in our float journal and hope you’ll take the time to read other’s experiences as well.


How To Prepare


Floating is a unique and private experience. For first timers, it can be intimidating, but remember that you have complete control of your environment and the results of your float. To help you prepare, we offer this advice:


Caffeine is a stimulant and this experience is known as Floatation R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimuli Technique). As such, take it easy on the caffeine within 4-6 hours of your float.


We encourage eating a light meal approximately 2 hours prior to your float. Floating with a full stomach or an empty stomach is not recommended. You’ll hear and feel your body in full digestive mode.


Shaving or waxing the same day as your float is just a bad idea. Trust us!


If you wear contacts, glasses are a better idea. Contacts + Salt Water = Ouch.


If you want to look as good as you feel after your float, you are encouraged to bring a comb or brush and anything else you might need to freshen up. We will provide towels, robes, and earplugs for your float so pack light and don’t worry about a thing.

It is our goal to make this experience a memorable one and your safety is a priority to us. If any of the below apply to you, you will have to reschedule your float for a later date:

  • Spray tan in the last 48 hours.
  • Temporary or permanent hair color in the last 72 hours.
  • Tattoo in the last 4-6 weeks
  • Abrasions or open wounds

We Have You Covered


We provide Petroleum Jelly to cover up minor cuts/scrapes to reduce stinging due to salt content


Contact lenses cannot be worn in the tanks. R.E.S.T. has contact cases and lens solution for you on-site


We require a shower before entering our tanks to remove make-up, oils, lotions, hair products, etc. Help us keep our tanks clean for everyone.


After your float, you will shower again to rinse off the salt from skin, hair and ears.


Earplugs are provided to prevent water from going in ears as they are submerged in the tank water.


If you need to cancel, help us out and give us a call and 24 hours notice.