We are humbled by all of the great reviews we’ve received already. Here are just a few, but please visit our Facebook page for more.


Honestly, I was nervous. That I’d get claustrophobic or not be able to be still for the full time. In fact, it was an amazing experience and this riginally nervous Nelly will be back. Quieted my busy mind in the completely peaceful environment. Crazy good relaxation, even for this fidety wife/mom-on-the-go. HIGHLY recommend. Buy a “bundle” and save. And for sure arrive early to enjoy the best message chairs you’ve experienced.

This was the best experience ever. All my anxiety dissipated. For the first time in forever I was calm and relaxed. This will be a regular routine for me.
The people there were amazing, they were very helpful with your growth in floating.

Just got home, after a wonderful float. 2 hours of pain free isolation and peace of mind. If you haven’t experienced this yet… You need to make the time. The world would be more peaceful if more people have this wonderful experience. Great staff and comfortable, calming atmosphere.

Having just completed my first float, I know I’ll be a repeat customer. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life!!
The spa is tastefully put together and your relaxation begins the moment you walk in the front doors. The staff is very friendly and answered my questions about the process and the difference between the two pods.
I cannot wait to come back! Thank you, REST Float Solutions!

No words can describe the glow that I have been walking around in from my float yesterday. Amazing experience and super friendly staff. Highly recommend everyone try a float at least once. I know I will be back. Thanks for introducing this into my life.

I was really so scared to try this. I am a type A person who is always on sympathetic overdrive and suck at mediating despite trying many times. I decided to have a hour massage with Randy Ortega at R.E.S.T prior to trying my first float. Randy is great at healing your injuries and relaxing you. In my post massage stupor, I showered and with trepidation went into the float pod. So….. to crack the door, leave the light on, or go for full darkness? After a short period of adjustment I went for full darkness. The sensation of floating was surprisingly relaxing. As Jason instructed, I “just let my thoughts be”. Next thing I knew the tibetan chimes were sounding. It felt like 10 mins but I floated 1 1/2 hours. As I emerged I felt total refreshed and rested.

REST is beautiful from the moment you walk in. The muted grey tones with blue accents are soothing. Jason is so welcoming. You can feel his enthusiasm and passion for what he is doing and his joy of helping others to enjoy the relaxing and healing properities of floating.

I will definitely be back to float again and am excited to try out the new yoga studio too.

What a great addition to downtown Colorado Springs.

Huge thank you to the team here. Very positive experience on my first float. I had a very bad motorcycle accident 6 years ago which left me with lots of titanium installed and after my float I was so relaxed and pain free for the first time since that life altering experience. I’ll be back soon for another session! Fantastic atmosphere and very inviting. You have to try this!

If you are going to float, this is where you want to do it. From the moment you walk in the door, your journey to relaxation begins. The center is beautifully decorated and the owners; Jason, Kevin and Airie make you feel as if you’ve been best friends for life. They have taken customer service to the next level. Thank you for your attention to detail and allowing me the best float experience to date.

My wife and I floated here last night and it was amazing. Everyone was super nice and the tanks were the best I have been in. I highly suggest this place!

Most relaxing experience! I would recommend to every person I know!

Jason and Kevin were amazing, walking us through the stunning building transformation and explaining the float to us. There is absolutely nothing you have to do, except show up! Never have I been a place so prepared & pampered feeling. Gracious and joyed that my husband and I got to experience it. We will be back!