At R.E.S.T. Float Solutions in Colorado Springs, we offer a variety of relaxation and recovery modalities while encouraging a holistic approach to healthy living. We hope you find our services as essential to your health and happiness as we do.



For six decades now, floatation therapy has been used to heal the mind and body as both a performance enhancing modality as well as a recovery and pain relief therapy. The benefits of floating are innumerable and it is quickly becoming a routine therapy used by people of all ages and health profiles. We welcome you to experience this for yourself and we guarantee one of the most unique and relaxing decisions you’ve ever made in your life.


Hot Asana Yoga

Hot Asana supports a rapidly growing base of yoga fans in North Carolina, Virginia, and now Colorado…setting new standards in what you should expect from your studio. With a full line up of classes running all day for all experience levels, to a fully stocked boutique, to all the rental equipment needed, to dynamic and inspiring teachers – even if you have never stepped inside a yoga room before, we have what you need to feel at home in our studios. Visit the Hot Asana page for the details and yoga schedule.


Sports Massage

We can’t think of a better complement to floating and performance recovery than a sports massage. Randy Ortega, LMT is your man and we’ve partnered with him because he understands the specialized needs of an athlete.  Whether you are just getting off the slopes, sore from a tough workout, or just searching for a good tissue massage, we have you covered with several massage options. Call Randy at 719-290-7625 for details.


Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

We partner with Natural Performance Rehab, LLC to provide quality orthopedic and sports rehabilitation on site.  All visits are one-on-one with a board certified therapist.  Services include evaluation/treatment of orthopedic conditions, post-operative rehabilitation, biomechanical assessments for athletes/movement assessments for injury prevention, and personalized coaching of running technique.  Visit to learn more.