R.E.S.T. for Stress

There’s no question that our lives have become inundated by dings, chimes, alarms, alerts, and beeps. We are more “connected” than ever before, with the desire to stay informed and constantly engaged in the social media frenzy. Guilty here. I, like many others, have a terrible case of FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. What if Lululemon has a sale without my knowledge? What if my friend announces her engagement and I am the last to know? What if I don’t know about an impending storm?

We are causing undue stress on ourselves as we strive to know everything. Every moment of every day. Juggling work, family, exercise and other life duties is the difficult enough and yet we add FOMO on top of it all. This is unhealthy to say the least and the detrimental effects of these high levels of stress are profound. Increased cortisol levels, the stress-related hormone in the body, literally breaks the body down. Although we can’t live without cortisol, too much of a good thing is toxic. High levels of cortisol result in pain sensitivity, chronic fatigue, weight gain, increased blood sugar, decreased sex drive, need I go on? It’s toxic people.

Although I am well aware of the toll this takes on my body, I also don’t stop. I can’t stop. I won’t stop. (cue Miley Cyrus). I am always thinking about what could have, should have, and would have. I am always running through lists in my head of the things I need to do (even though I should write them down). I can’t help it. My mind just won’t shut off. These “to-dos” even awake me at night. If only we had a switch.

We do now.

Never in a million years did I think I would be opening a floatation therapy and wellness center. It’s quite possibly the farthest thing from my yester-life, just a few short months ago, where I sat at a desk working in the corporate world as a Financial Analyst. But for many reasons, float therapy is my “now”. And this is my future. My new passion.

This is the switch you’ve been searching for. Floating is a sensory vacation that you must take to find clarity, establish purpose, and to press the reset button. Get away from it all and go float. You will thank me later. You’re welcome.


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