Float Naked

Floating is an intriguing experience that elicits strange looks and numerous questions from those hearing about it for the first time.  One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is “What exactly does one wear in the tank?”  It’s my favorite question of all and absolutely worthy of strapping a GoPro to my head to tape the responses we get when we tell people the answer…NOTHING.  Floating is best practiced in the buff.  So just relax and go au naturel.

Here’s why:

We encourage naked floating because the goal is to eliminate any and all distractions.  Bikini straps, tight speedos, or loosely fit swim trunks are all distractions, whether you realize it or not.  However, if you absolutely feel it necessary to wear a bathing suit, it is by all means OK.  You’ll notice bathing suits being worn in our online pics…but that is for obvious reasons.  We want you to feel absolutely nothing in the tank.  The slightest brush of a strap against your skin can knock you right out of the theta state that you should strive to maintain.  This is the state of consciousness you typically experience right before deep sleep and right when you wake up.  It is where your dreams proliferate and flourish.  And it is the ultimate goal to remain in this state as long as possible in the tank.  You reach this state and REST assured you will have perma-grin for the rest of the day.

Perhaps seeing a certain someone exit the room you are about to enter gives you the creeps and the thought of floating naked in the same tank makes your skin crawl.  Understood, we get it.  There are many things in life I would like to un-see as well.  But, the salinity of this water kills anything and everything, not to mention the water is filtered between each and every float.  And if that wasn’t enough, the filtered water passes through a UV-C light that acts to disrupt and eliminate the DNA of any bacteria, virus, or algae.  Your local swimming pools and hot tubs are far inferior to the level of sanitation in these tanks and we take great pride in the cleanliness of our facility.  We are germaphobes too.

So come with an open mind and float naked in Colorado Springs at REST Float Solutions!


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