Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have claustrophobia?
You are in complete control of your experience. If it makes you more comfortable, you have the option of keeping the door open. Perhaps leaving the light on might help as well. After a bit of float practice, you will likely find the confidence to close the door and turn off the lights but no matter what you decide, you can make it what you wish. Experiment away. This is YOUR time.
Can I float if I’m pregnant?
Absolutely! As a matter of fact, you should take advantage of it. But, first things first, you MUST consult with your doctor prior to floating. There is no better substitute to getting the pressure off your feet and lower back than experiencing complete weightlessness. Interestingly, nature has created a floating environment for all offspring, so you’ll be feeling what your baby feels everyday.
I’m a total germaphobe. Can you quell my fears?
Hot tubs are gross, we agree. We assure you these tanks are cleaner than any public pool or hot tub. Showering before your float is required. Additionally, the water is filtered three times in between each and every float. We hand clean the inside of the pods and use a powerful, safe, combination of UV light and hydrogen peroxide solution for extra sanitation.
What do I wear?
Nothing! Floating in the buff is the best way to eliminate all distractions. You are permitted to wear a bathing suit if you wish but make sure it’s not too tight and the straps are tied up so as to not rub or drift against your skin. If floating in the buff triggers germaphobic thoughts, see question above.
Can I fall asleep and drown?
You may absolutely fall asleep but drowning is extremely unlikely. The water is so saturated with salt, it makes turning over (intentionally or unintentionally) difficult.
What is the cancellation policy?
Please call to cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled time to avoid being charged. If you don’t call 24 hours prior to your scheduled float, you will be charged for half of the price of the float. Please call 719-822-6001 to cancel.
Can children float?
We encourage children to float! Floating is said to help children with autism, behavioral problems, and ADHD.  Ask us for details on the requirements for children to float.
Will I be able to breathe in the tank?
The pods are ventilated so there is plenty of air flow. It may get a little clammy but we assure you that suffocation is not possible.
I’m a first time floater and I’m nervous to float. Can you calm my nerves?
Many agree that perfect floating takes practice. The first time might be awkward as you experiment with different positions and attempt to perfect the art of doing nothing. But R.E.S.T. assured (pun intended), you will want to come back again and again. We offer helpful advice on how to prepare for your float here.
If there are any other questions you may have about floating, don’t be shy, give us a call or shoot us an email.
Won’t I look like a raisin after 90 minutes in a tank?
The short answer is no. The science behind “pruney” skin is still being debated to this day so we won’t join either side. Some scientists believe osmosis is the cause of wrinkled skin but others declare it is attributable to the nervous system. Regardless of the answer, the salinity of the water actually prevents the wrinkly skin effect for some reason. We don’t know why and won’t purport to understand the science behind it until someone can provide a clear and proven study.