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Higher Brain vs Lower Brain

“What is my lower brain and why is it keeping my higher brain from evolving?” would have been a great question to ask myself five years ago—and the answer was even more important. I had been down the road of self-doubt once or twice before, struggling with anxiety, depression, pain, and many other issues that […]
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Theta State of Consciousness and Expectations

I often get asked what exactly the term “theta state” means from some of our new floaters when giving them the brief before they begin their float.  Floatation therapy helps eliminate the distractions that overwhelm us on a daily basis, therefore, enhancing your ability to enter the “theta state” during your float. It is the […]
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The Float Life – Where it all changed.

The struggles are real. The endless pain, the sleepless nights awake waiting for the pain to go away but it never does. The pain leads to anxiety and living in a constant fog. The painkillers mask the real issues that are going on. You begin to be taken over by the chronic pain. It’s something […]
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